About US

About US

    Sempa started it’s business life in 1973. In the first year of his establishment , he worked  on the sale of electrical materials and electrical contracting. Since the day it was established, it has successfully decelopedn its targets withouıt any concession from then development line.


  In 2008,with the investment it made in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone, it has enlarged both the machine area and working area. Our company which has strengthened it's infrastructure has continued it's development by adding new products to it's production portfolio.


    Nowadays, in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone, it provides service with 5000 m2 sheet metal processing plant and 3000 m2 electrical panel montage facilities. In this context, the products included in the product range are as follows.

  • MCC Enclosures
  • Compensation Enclosures
  • Special Production Enclosures


 With the strength it has gained from its customers, it has kept the product quality at the forefront in order to provide them with better quality products and continues the necessary certification studies in this context.Our company in 2014 4000 A 100 ka EN 61439-1 and TS. EN 61439-2 certificates. Besides, it has certified its procedures with ISO 9001 certificate.